Beached Friends Vol. 2

Beached Friends

In May 2014 the Farmer & The Owl label was introduced via the Beached Friends Volume 1 compilation that featured seventeen artists from across the Illawarra region. To coincide with the 2015 Christmas party that was held in Wollongong at the end of last year Beached Friends Volume 2 was released as a free CD (currently available from Black Gold for free!) Featuring twenty two artists either based or originating in the area we like to call the Leisure Coast, the disc is a mix of those who are already out doing great things, alongside others we feel you’ll be hearing about real soon.

You can now stream the full compilation via the Farmer & the Owl SoundCloud:

Opening with a killer single from Stanwell Park girl Bec Sandridge and closing with the Christmas tune from Austi duo The Webster Brothers, the release hops many genres while staying focused on highlighting a wide range of artists. Established groups such as Shining Bird, The Walking Who and Step-Panther sit alongside fresh tunes from new artists like Archy Punker, Flowertruck and Obscura Hail. The electronic sounds of Moonbase Commander and Russell W are balanced with the heavier side of things delivered by Totally Unicorn, Kaleidoscope and The Nuclear Family.

Sitting amongst the mix are Ducks and Plastic Birds, two artists that have yet to play a show but sent in some impressive tunes, while the Farmer & The Owl label is represented by its own artists Hockey Dad, The Pinheads and latest signing Tees.

There is a lot more news to come from the Farmer & The Owl label this year as they continue to grow great things for the Illawarra music scene!