Mignon Steele

Coming up next from The Egg & Dart will be Mignon Steele's "Transmitter," opening Friday, September 11, 6-8pm, and running through till October 16.

"Mignon Steele's work is an exploration of paint as matter. While many contemporary artists reject traditional media, Steele waltzes a deep romance with paint, viscosity and colour. The paintings are largely about themselves, problems created and solved. history and enigmatic colour build a patina, and with the wry twist from a naïve heart and hand, each mark unravels. Each artwork struggles to address what is vitally compulsive in creative work, to paint what she cannot help but paint." - Alex Richmond
"I've always tried to paint to reflect the things that strike me in this world. Not objectively but in essence: nature's strangeness, patterns disturbed, the cheeky spirit in kids drawings, sorrow in music and suburban scrawl. These paintings don't begin with an idea they start with paint and paint becomes a transmitter allowing the invisible to broadcast." - Mignon Steele