The Pinheads

The Pinheads are a six, sometimes seven, piece rock 'n' roll outfit who can be found ten-pin bowling and eating slimy pizza in the suburbs of the Illawarra.

They were raised on garage rock and horror films and it's what has made them the eyeball-melting, skull-shrinking group you'll never forget as they crawl out of the crypt and into your mind.

In less than a year the band has already begun to clearly define themselves by fuzzy, raucous rock 'n' roll and a wild screaming live show to boot. The band is a sight to see, putting on some of the highest energy, most unpredictable and noisy shows around and has been known to melt people into puddles and horrify the audience.

Recorded entirely by themselves in their barn amongst the bush (a derelict abattoir), The Pinheads have now completed their debut EP I Wanna Be A Girl and it's to die for. Mixed and mastered by Owen Penglis of Straight Arrows, they have managed to create their own spicy cocktail of psych and rock. It's a record that will feel and sound familiar in a way yet still stand alone and remain totally unique.

The Pinheads will scare and swoon you, you won't know whether to run, dance or scream. But either way their spell will have you fall in love and howling for more.

We sent the band through a few questions to try to get a little glimpse at what might be under those straggly locks...

Black Gold: Describe The Pinheads:

The Pinheads: We're a baked bean band in a baked bean land.

Who has the pinniest head in the band?

Physically Lord Francis has the most pin-like head, although beauty is only pin deep.

Luke, what is your favourite homemade guitar?

My shleazy Shitar, I cut a $20 guitar into a teardrop and tried to make it sound like a sitar but it is basically the guitar equivalent of a human poo.

Which band would you absolutely love to tour with (dead or alive)?

Hard to choose, we'd probably hop on one of the Stones' first US tours.

What has been your craziest on stage experience?

We have compiled a list of some fun ones we can think of:

Merlin - Being a human bowling ball and getting a strike with his head, a heroic patron tried to intervene thy perfect 300 so Merlin bit him, which lead to a ban from this undisclosed venue.

Lord Francis - Getting his leather pants forcefully ripped off by a group of fanatic duchesses, to reveal thy piece for the remainder of the show.

Swampy - Vomited during his guitar solo.

Jimbo aka Micro Hercules - Getting too intoxicated and ending up with only a snare and cymbal on the ground and a paint brush and nail gun to play them with.

Zank - Starting an onstage fire at a packed out gig at an undisclosed venue.

Texan Chovy - Got electrocuted by his organ... "My neck felt like it extended into a telegraph pole."

Cousin Tunny - Being so sick that she entered and exited the venue without saying a word to any of us, but on stage she didn't miss a beat.

And so without further ado, we present their brand new single, I Wanna Be A Girl...

Catch them around the traps on their single launch tour coming up real soon...

May 14 - Oxford Art Factory (Gallery Bar) - Sydney
May 16 - RAD - Wollongong
May 17 - Finbox (backyard), All Ages - Thirroul

And catch them online at the usuals...